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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spoke Too Soon??

I said the other day that Aiden was showing signs of separation anxiety when we left the room or his vision but not signs of stranger anxiety... Maybe I spoke too soon.

That very day we went to MyGym for our last class for a while. We're taking the swim class now, too, and I think one class a week is all we're going to do for now. (These classes aren't cheap, you know!) We hadn't been to MyGym for a few weeks b/c of illnesses, scheduling issues, etc, but he has seen the people there quite a bit. I sit him down in the circle and the teacher says hello to him. Aiden bursts out crying. Only lasted a second, but still. I assume it's because he hasn't napped but less than 10 minutes all day (his napping habits have gone south lately!). And he was fine the rest of the class.

Later in the afternoon, a neighbor stops by. Aiden loves Nikki! Anytime he sees her, he just grins and grins at her. This time - she says hi, and he cries!After he seems calm, he looks back at her - cries again. Then we go through it all again. :( He did end up smiling at her before she left, but he sat on my lap, close to me the whole time. Hmmm....

By this point he still had not napped even 30 minutes total. (I am not embracing this new nap routine he's been trying out.) So - we can chalk it up to sleepiness, or it could be the "stranger" thing. We'll give it a little more time and see.

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