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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello, my name is Daisy....

...and I'm a gdiaper-aholic.

I'm a bit addicted, I think... There are some new gdiaper colors out, and I've been formulating why we "need" to get them so I can convince dear Ryan. We have enough gpants to get us through a few days, especially with the fact that you do not have to wash each gpant after just one diaper. Since the liner and insert gets wet and the outter pant doesn't, the outter pant doesn't need laundering that often. Nice plus there! But it doesn't help my case when there are new ones that I really, really want!
  • Right now, gdiapers has free shipping (helping my case) - through the end of March.
  • I have a coupon code for 20% off (helping my case). Let me know if you're considering purchasing some g's, and I'll send it your way!
  • One of the g's is on clearance (grass green!) (helping and hurting - b/c it's still one more g I want to buy!). They're only $14.44 until they are gone!
  • There is a new color/print out called goo-goo blue that is just adorable!! (not helping my case...)
  • Another color (grasshopper green - perfect for spring!!) has been brought back (not helping my case...), and I just have to have it b/c it's one of the colors I do not have now. That and the goo-goo blue!
  • Got chocolate brown was sold out in large, and now it's back in stock! (not helping my case b/c we don't need it NOW but I'm trying to get one of each color in large for later on...)
So, what's the verdict?? Well, I'm working on it. ;)

Here's what's working against me...
  • g's cost money, even if they are on sale.
  • we don't really NEED any of them.

And what's working for me...
  • they're on SALE! well, there's the free shipping (on orders over $50), 20% off, and grass green is a couple bucks cheaper (and will no longer be available soon!)
  • they look adorable on Aiden - and I just have to have them! Though Ryan would say I just "want" them. (Not sure what that's all about...)
  • the more we have in rotation, the longer they will look great. (that's a good excuse, right?)
  • we use cloth inserts, so this is still cheaper than disposables

This is Aiden saying "g's are on sale?!?! WHAT are you waiting for, Mom?!?!"

Hurry and place your orders soon if you love g's just as much as I do!! And let me know if you need that coupon code!! (20% means the more you spend, the better the discount! That's what I say, at least.) ;)

And if you have no idea what gdiapers are....well, let me know b/c I can tell you ALL about them. We love them - they work great! And are great for baby, for the earth, etc, etc. And they are so stinkin' adorable!!


Amy said...

Personally, I see diapers as a fashion statement. And for me. Dude doesn't care what, if anything, covers him. In that vein, I say get more diapers! Anything to brighten your day. Especially if they're on sale! And can be used for a really long time.

Just think - disposables would cost like $15 for 60, but you'd use it in a week, so if you use these for 3 weeks you've already saved! Are you planning on more kids? Because they'll work for a long time.

Gdiapers don't work for us though. At least, the 3 times I tried it. I'm willing to admit user error. :)

Izzy said...

I'm also a gDiaper nut, and have to "expand" my collection so we can start using them at daycare in the fall. So I'd love the coupon code please. I don't think I can resist googoo blue either!

izzyrmac at hotmail com

Daisy and Ryan said...

Amy - I agree!! And great way to break down the "savings" there! ;) Plus, now that we're in mediums, he'll be in that size for quite a while. I have stocked up on a few larges, but he won't be in those for quite a while based on how he is growing now.

Izzy - I emailed you with the code! :)

Anonymous said...

i would like the 20% coupon please saanthony12@gmal.com

Daisy and Ryan said...

For any of you that might be interested in gdiapers...

gDiapers has a new "starter" pack of gdiapers that comes with six gpants and liners for just $70 - most gpants are sold for $14 or so. This "everyday g's" six-pack comes with just the pants and liners, which is great if you use the flushabels but especially nice for those of us that use cloth inserts. By the way - gdiapers now has gcloth inserts, too! What is even better about this new six-pack is that you can get $30 OFF if you use this code:


That's less than $7 per gpant - half what the typical cost is!! And less than what used gdiapers cost.

To use the coupon code, add one or more everyday g's six-pack(s) to your gDiapers.com cart, enter your code and click the "redeem" button. The price will automatically drop from $70 (regular price) to $40. What a sweet deal!

Please note, gDiapers.com coupon codes are case sensitive, so make sure to enter your code exactly as shown above.

This code is only good through July 31st, 2009, so don't wait to use it!

I also have paper coupons you can use in stores that carry gdiapers (all Babies R Us stores, online at Target, other local stores, Whole Foods, diapers.com.....) and some informational inserts to share if you want! I recently became a gMum, which means that I get to help spread the word - and savings! :) Just let me know if you're interested, and I'll share them.