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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Weekend - But in a Good Way!

I feel like I haven't been on here in quite a while, but it's just been a few days. We had a busy weekend and then a snow day on Monday, so today really feels like it's Monday, though it's not.

Saturday we had some of Aiden's six-month pictures taken. I say some because the plan was to get some outdoor shots, but it rained all weekend, so those are put on hold until a nicer weekend. A friend of mine from grad school is branching out and doing photography, and she is very good! I saw some pictures of another grad school friend's baby on facebook and was about to ask who in the heck her photographer was (b/c I thought it was the same person that took the newborn pics, which were also great...and similar). Turns out, it's our friend from grad school. So, she took Aiden's six-month pics (a little late, as he's almost seven months, but my perfectionistic self is trying to get over that...esp as it's my fault b/c I wanted him to be sitting fairly well to get some great sitting-alone and possibly looking-over-the-shoulder-while-sitting-alone shots). I've seen a few preview shots and am very anxious to see the rest! I will show them once they're available.

And if you're in the area and looking for a great photographer, let me know and I'll send you her way!! You won't be disappointed.

I must say, though, I'm a bit envious. This is something I would love to be doing!! Maybe this will motivate me to get out my photography books, dust them off, and brush up on taking *real* photographs. I already have the books out and have been messing around with taking pictures without all the auto settings and flash (though we get little natural light in our apt). I have yet to start actually reading in the books yet, though (which are from college - I thought I hadn't even read any of them, but one book has highlight marks all throughout it... I just don't remember any of it anymore!!)

Then Sunday, another rainy day, we all went to Marbles Kids Museum. Camden had wanted to go to see an IMAX feature on the ocean, so we decided we would go for it. We don't have Aiden watch tv, but we figured this would be ok. It's short and it's educational - and it doesn't happen often. And sometimes, it just really needs to be about Camden, too. A friend of his came along, and we spent the day at the museum (it cost just about the same amount to see the film and go through the museum as it did to just do one, so...). We really enjoyed the museum, and even though it was one we had to pay for (there are some great free museums around, too!), it was worth it. I really appreciated the focus on finding ways to reuse materials (which was a theme in many of the different areas of the museum) and the EcoLab area. Aiden did a GREAT job at hanging out with us the whole day. It's getting easier to go out and about with him - on all day activities, even though he still nurses often. (He really is a great baby!) Here are some pics from the day out...

Marbles Kids Museum

Monday came along with some more snow. North Carolina hasn't seen this much snow in a long time, I don't think. This time, we didn't get too much - a couple inches, but many other areas were slammed with a lot more. Camden and Ryan were both home for the day, and Camden's friend came to join us. So, it really did feel like an extra Sunday afternoon.

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