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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hero of the Year

is Gene Strode!!

So - here's the short version of our drama... (I promise I will try to keep it short!)

Fall 2005, Ryan and I pick out our wedding photographer. His photos are amazing, he's got a great personality, everything seems just perfect. This is TOP on my list of "must have the best" for our wedding - I mean at the very top. Anybody that knows anything about me knows that I love photography, so it's not a big surprise this was #1 (oh the irony.....you'll see!).

July 15, 2006. Ryan and I get married. And our photographer does a wonderful job! Well, except for the fact that the majority of our pictures were supposed to be OUTside and were taking INside. But others thought it was too "hot" for that. I've since gotten over that. Ok...not really. (We did get some amazing shots of me and Ryan outside before the reception, though.)

TODAY... We still have NO pictures from our wedding day. You walk into our home - no photographs of me in my wedding gown, Ryan in his tux, Camden in his... Nothing. (No engagement photos, either.) For the past year, our photographer has not answered any phone calls, emails, anything. And we've been quite insistent and then some. We can't just show up at his home/office, though, because we kinda live in a different state. (We have since found out that he has a record of not getting photos to people in a timely manner...)

My step-dad, Gene, and my mom were in to visit recently, and we were discussing the photos. Well, long story short (if you call all of this short)...Gene pays Mr. Photographer a visit. He got our wedding guest book (filled with engagement shots - we had to have it "fixed" after some of the pages came loose), our wedding album, our large wedding portrait, and the cd of printable photos (and he got him to add our engagement session photos to the cd!!). We still have yet to get some other prints made, but we're hoping that he will now respond to us after this visit from Gene-O.

Anyway, Gene is officially the hero of the year! Of the last three years! Because, yes, folks - it has been almost THREE years since our wedding. And we will finally be getting some photos to show for it!

By the way...this guy had the nerve to use one of our wedding shots on his wedding page online!! Here it is - we're at the bottom (and this isn't even the best shot he took of us). http://www.kcphoto.com/wedding%20photography.htm It's a picture of me smootching my new hubby. What nerve this guy has, though, huh?!

And if you want to check out our wedding album (that Mom emailed and told me was beautiful! Can't wait to see it in person!!), here is the link to that: http://www.kcphoto.com/Sample%20Albums/DesignerPreview/ShroutDesignerPreview/AlbumlFrame.htm

I guess you all know this guy's name now, too, huh? ;) Spread the word to those living/getting married in/around Richmond, KY. Do not use this guy. Sure, his photos are really great. He has a great presentation and says all the right things. But...obviously has a very poor follow-through.

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Life Scraps and Patches said...

Goodness, I'm sorry you had to wait so long for wedding photos. I enjoyed looking at the photos online and remembering the day. I think I was sitting beside Emily Puckett during the service.