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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Six-Month Pictures! (Part ONE)

Yes, Aiden is almost 8 months, and I'm just posting these... We actually were going to get more taken because it was raining the day we took some of the indoor shots. And then the weekend we had scheduled to do the outdoor shots...it rained again! So, we'll still be doing those soon, maybe in the next couple weeks. But I had been waiting to show all pictures together. Anyway, here are the ones we have! My friend Laura took these. She's getting into photography (like I want to do - and plan on doing!!), and I think she's doing a great job! :)

2009 Feb Aiden 6-month Pictures PART ONE
Click on the photo here to view the album.

There are also some nursing pictures of just me and Aiden. If you would like to see those, either email or comment and let me know. I have them saved as private and am only going to share them individually with some people. I do not want these floating around cyberspace. But I must say, they are, by far, my favorite pictures from the shoot. Definitely. They are very tasteful and well-done.

Thanks Laura!!

Part TWO coming some time in the hopefully-near future! :)

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Amy said...

You have THE cutest kids!