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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Aiden's First Boo-Boo

I forgot to mention another big deal from our Monday "off"....

Aiden got his first boo-boo. He fell forward, which he does not do often these days, while reaching to get a toy. He hit his nose and screamed his head off!

The bad part was neither Mom nor Dad saw it. I was sitting less than two feet away, but I was looking in the other direction at the moment it happened. Talk about bad timing... So, we both spent a great amount of time looking all over to see where any bump/scratch/bruise could be on his face to be sure we knew where he hit. We finally found a mark under his nose, which made me feel much better b/c I knew he didn't get really hurt (not compared to a bump on the head/eye/mouth, at least). We were both really worried for a while b/c he screamed and screamed. But it was his first time getting hurt, so...that's understandable. The poor guy is learning that the world isn't always fun and good-feeling. :(

Here's a picture of the nose, a day later. It actually looks worse today than it did yesterday.

Ryan is still a bit upset about the whole ordeal. I reminded him, this is the first of many!

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