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Monday, February 16, 2009

Funny Face, I Love You!

Aiden has the funniest expressions sometimes. Every now and then, we get lucky enough to capture a few on film (er...well, not film, but...). Case in point...

This is not an upset face - this is Aiden spitting and making the "pbth" noise. He has lots of fun doing this - and drenches everything nearby!

We get this kind of face a lot. The "What are you thinking?" face.
He raises that one eyebrow and scrunches up his mouth - it's funnier in person!!

This doesn't really capture it, but when Aiden laughs, he often looks like he's about to cry!
Esp when he laughs REALLY hard!

"Ok, if I must"

"Seriously, another picture?!"

This is his "I'm bored and too good for this" look

He seems like he IS interested in something here.

And a look of shock here, maybe?

And this is my favorite at the moment...

Caught helping with the laundry (his diaper inserts - CLEAN, of course!).
You might need to click on the picture to enlarge it so you can better see the expression - it's worth it, we think.
How can you NOT laugh at this expression??

Honestly, these pictures don't begin to show the hilarity that are some of his facial expressions! (Or the cuteness.)

He certainly keeps us entertained here!

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