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Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I am pretty sure that's what Aiden was saying all night long (and into the morning).

Let's see, after the most wonderful night the night before, he did sleep one four-and-a-half hour stretch without getting up. Well, he woke once after an hour but didn't even need to be picked up. He was awake for maybe 2 minutes and went right back to sleep once I was next to his bed.

But then, once he woke up around 1, he was back to the every-two-hours schedule. And then at 5, well, he just decided he would STAY up. I ended up bringing him to bed with me since Ryan would be getting up soon, and he STILL stayed up - for at least an hour and a half. He fell asleep shortly before 7 and slept for a while longer.

I'm learning to keep my mouth shut when things actually go the way I want. Otherwise, they go right back to what I don't want. That's what I get, huh?

I'm not all that surprised. I was hopeful but not expecting a whole lot... But hey - at least there is a little improvement. That four-and-a-half hour stretch and not needing to get up shortly after bedtime - that's improvement. That's something!!

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Becky said...

Colin's day starts at 6:00am most days. Luckily my husband takes him for the first hour while he gets ready for work and then wakes me up at 7:15ish when he has to leave the house. I would really prefer an 8am wake up call, I can function at 8, 7am is a bit iffy after being awake 4 or 5 times overnight.

Oh and our crib strike is over for now! Phewff that was a tricky one.

In that 'misery loves company' way, I like knowing I'm not the only one who chooses this route instead of the cry-it-out method. For now, it just isn't an option for us.