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Saturday, February 21, 2009

German Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

I haven't posted lately about anything I've baked. That's because I haven't baked much lately. But I thought I would do a little something tonight. Bakerella had this recipe for Red Velvet Sandwich Cookies (well, it's not really a recipe) that looked yummy, and I had a box of German Chocolate cake mix in the cupboard, so I figured I would try it out. And yes, I said a mix. Is it really called baking if you use a mix?? Mixes are something I typically scoff at. That said, I haven't ventured into making cakes from scratch yet; that's next on the list.

So, tonight I whipped up some German Chocolate Sandwich Cookies. I thought it would be better than just making the cake or cupcakes because Ryan doesn't like the coconut frosting. I am able to use that in some of the cookies and then some plain ol' chocolate icing in between some others. (Not that anything is wrong with just chocolate - there's never anything wrong with that!)

This was too easy to make. Take the mix (any cake mix you like), add some butter, some eggs. You need to use your own muscles to mix it up, though. I started out using my KitchenAid mixer and soon found out that it was so dry that wouldn't work. Manual stirring is necessary - but not much. Then make balls and put on a cookie sheet. I used a small scooper for that.

Before baking

And after

And this is what you get after adding the icing and then...sandwiching.

Enjoy. Mmmm...

Even if it was from a mix.

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