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Monday, February 23, 2009

Sittin' Pretty

Last night Aiden took his first bath SITTING in his little bathtub. It has one end sloped for the baby to lie on and the other side is for sitting. He was all about that.

When lying on the other end, he kicks to make splashes and has a grand ol' time at it, too. But he immediately figured out that he could make even bigger splashes with his hands if he was sitting. He would smack them down as hard as he could! Notice the water all over his face and head - that's from his splashes.

He also found out how easier it is to play with his toys while sitting. The only problem is - they seemed to all want to float to the other side of the tub, so he had to reach for them. Yes, he did get his face in the water once when reaching for a toy. Mommy acted swiftly and picked him right up and hugged him close. He cried a bit but more because he had gotten scared from bumping his head on the side of the tub (he didn't fall forward - more to the side). He very quickly got over it and was ready to return to the fun, fall all forgotten.

He really liked having the visor on his head and watching the water pour down, but I wasn't able to get a picture of that. Hopefully next time. He was just grinning and laughing - it was so cute and he had tons of fun!!


Becky said...

I NEED a visor like that. Where did you find it? Colin hates to get water in his eyes, and has now started crying as soon as I start shampooing.. a visor would help.

Daisy and Ryan said...

we got ours at Babies R Us - came in a two-pack. Aiden did ok with a little water poured on him. I've gotten a little in his face here and there to help him get used to it. We'll be starting swimming classes soon, so maybe that will help, too! Camden was always terrified of water in his face - he used to have to take showers with goggles. So, you can always try that if need be! Haha! Hope you can find the visors!