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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Name That Candy!!!

So, every now and then I take a stroll down the candy aisle at the grocery store to see if I can find this specific type of candy. I remember having it when I was younger, and I know it still exists, yet I can never find it and have no idea what it is called. It's just a simple hard candy - but I want the specific kind! I remember liking the lemon and the orange. Can't remember what other colors there were...

Well, yesterday I went for a walk with the kiddos (b/c we have had excellent weather the past couple days!!) and we stopped in the apartment complex office to ask a question. Camden always spies the big bowl of candy they have, and I let him take the next to last piece while I chatted with the ladies.

Lo and behold - it is the candy I have been looking for!! Can anyone tell me what it is called and where in the heck I can find it??

I probably won't be running out to get a bunch, but it would be nice to know where to go if I ever have the desire. (And it could very well be at any ol' candy store - but we never go into those, so I wouldn't know.)

And, no, I don't care if you think this is silly. (I'm sticking my tongue out at you as you think it.)


Please leave a comment if you know what this candy is!! Thanks!

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