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Saturday, February 7, 2009

SIX Months!!

Aiden has hit the half-year mark! I'm not sure if I'm more excited or sad - a little of both, I guess. It's just going by way too quickly! I think with the second child, you're more aware that it will happen like that. With the first, you're so anxious for each next thing to happen and before you know it, so much has gone by. But with the ones following, you KNOW it will go by so quickly and you want to cherish each little thing. Well, that's how it is with ME, at least.

This past month has been a BIG one. (Do I say that each month??) Let's see....

Aiden has a new habit of playing with my lips when he's nursing - he likes for me to kiss on them and will just hold his hand up to my mouth so I can do so. He also has this habit of grabbing for his foot while he's nursing... He'll reach for it, might stop eating to lean forward and look for it... He'll also "bounce" himself if his feet touch the arm of the chair - that's interesting. (He loves bouncing in his activity jumper and now thinks if his feet touch something, he simply must bounce!) Aiden can get quite distracted when eating. We've had to resort to nursing in the quiet of his room. If someone else comes in or says something from the door, Aiden will stop eating to be nosy. Mealtime is just a lot of fun these days. (I say that with a little sarcasm but also meaning it - it can be frustrating sometimes when he's so distracted, but sometimes he's just fun to watch!)

Aiden is also eating solids now! We tried him with some rice cereal on Innauguration Day. He liked the cereal ok, but we quickly moved onto other more interesting foods that he likes even more. So far, we're into pumpkin, butternut squash, avocado, and banana. He seems to like them all, and we have more to try soon! He LOVES drinking water from the cup, too.

One day this month, Aiden discovered that his two teeth can hurt.... :( He had a finger in his mouth and bit right down, not realizing that pain would follow. But it did. And he cried. Poor guy. He hasn't done it since, but he does chew on his fingers, feeling of those teeth. He just knows better than to bite down hard, I guess. And for those of you wondering if he has bitten ME (since he is nursing) - yes, he has. Not hard, but it doesn't feel good either way... He doesn't do it much at all, just a couple times. But I have discovered that it only happens when he is done eating. The downside to that - the punishment (being taken away from the food source for a little while) isn't as much of a punishment since he does it when he's no longer hungry... But it should be easier for me to prevent, though. (He did it tonight and DID get upset with the punishment - which then upset me and caused me to pretty much forget that he first hurt me - so maybe he'll do better now. We'll see. It's still a rare thing, though.)

We're teaching Aiden some signs for a few things, such as "milk," "eat," "drink," "more," and "sleep." He might be understanding "milk" b/c I do it everytime I get ready to nurse, and he gets really excited (or very impatient, depending - but impatient is the one more common these days!). But then again, he might also just know it's time b/c we're walking toward the chair we sit in. I'm sure he'll be catching on to more of the signs very soon.

Aiden has been having some fun with his friends at MyGym this past month. At MyGym, we get to sing a lot and play around. Aiden is still hesitant about the swings... He usually gets this look like he is considering freaking out when the swing goes away from me. Last time he didn't get that. So maybe next time we might even get a smile? We have learned some new things that Aiden loves - especially things that involve being upside down!! He loves it when I hold him upside down and nuzzle his chest - he's VERY ticklish there and just giggles and giggles!

Other favorites involve his Baby Einstein activity jumper. He figured out that being in that means he can bounce to his heart's delight - and he certainly does so!! Camden plays a game with him sometimes by standing nearby and "bouncing" (jumping up and down) along, and Aiden will do it with him, bouncing even more enthusiastically. (And if Camden walks away, Aiden will stop to watch him - intently - until he comes back. As soon as he starts to come back, Aiden will pick up the bouncing again. He watches every little thing his big brother does!!)

Aiden experienced snow a couple times this month, once at home in North Carolina (we got way more than is typical - more than 4 inches!) and then when visiting West Virginia when we were snowed in for a few extra days. He touched it, tasted it, and even got pulled around in a sled. He wasn't too impressed with all of it, but he can be hard to impress with many things. I don't think he cared to be so bundled up. This kid likes having as few clothes on as possible - he can move so much more then.

Speaking of that, he can also get his toes in his mouth - but it works better if he is sans clothes (and diaper). His fascination with his feet is just endless right now!

Aiden is starting to show signs of attachment now, too. He will reach for me when someone else is holding him (even Daddy - esp if he is hungry!). He has cried for me on a couple occasions when I had to leave the room to get something and someone else was holding him. He hasn't shown any signs of stranger anxiety yet - still very friendly with everybody. I'm sure that might pop up soon, though.

Aiden is now SITTING!! On Jan 22nd, I just sat him up to see what he would do - and he stayed! (So, I kind of wonder if he could have done this earlier...) Sometimes he sits well for the longest time, sometimes he tumbles over easily. For some reason he always leans more to one side. And it doesn't seem like he pays much attention to the fact that he CAN sit, so he doesn't really TRY to sit. But he does it, nonetheless. He's also pushing his chest way off the floor, so we'll see how long until he's at the next step: crawling! Oh my!

Hmmmmm....is that enough? I think that's about it for the big things. I told you a lot happened this month!! (This is a long month-birthday post!) Maybe in the next couple months I'll get to post about a couple new teeth...the top front two are working their way through the gums now!

And a couple more six-month pictures...b/c they're just too cute not to include them all (well, this is what I chose from the MANY that I took this time around - it seems to be just a few more each month...).

Oh, I almost forgot!! Aiden will now give us kisses and cuddles!!! Well, not the kind of kisses we all give, but baby kisses. When picking him up from a nap or in the mornings (it happens more at these times than others), he will grab my neck and bring himself as close as he can. He'll put his mouth up against my face (pretty much wherever it lands, usually on my cheek or sometimes my mouth) and rub it in for a while. He can sometimes hurt b/c when he grabs, he tends to pinch really hard - but we just go with it. And if I kiss him on his cheek, he'll usually turn his face so that I kiss his mouth! I usually make the "mwah" sound when I kiss, and sometimes he says "aaaahhhh" when we kiss him (or when he is "kissing" us back). It's adorable. We are just loving this!!! All of us kiss and cuddle with him all the time. And apparently, he loves it, too!! :) (That's good b/c we kiss and cuddle a lot in this family in general! So he fits right in.)

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Samara said...

He is starting to look more like you, Daisy. I was worried for a while that you only gave him your nice skin color. :)