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Friday, February 20, 2009

Stainless Steel Straws?

Yep, that's right... I came across these mentioned in an email earlier today. Something I hadn't seen before. Thought it was kind of interesting.

Now you can buy these (4 for $9.49) and not add any more little plastic straws to the landfills.

Well, except for the ones you use in restaurants. Oh - except for the ones at Ted's Montana Grill - their straws are made from paper (according to their website - Ted's is 99% plastic free!! How 'bout that?!). Ted's is also nice to nursing moms - at least the one we've been to in Durham was.

Not sure if WE would really go this route - b/c we really don't use straws much. But -eh- who knows. Maybe. Especially once there are more kiddos milling around... ;) There were lots of other kinds of reusable ones, too (such as glass and bamboo). Just search at amazon. If you're interested.


Gwenn Mangine said...

I like the idea-- it would be especially nice on a hot day with a cool drink! (I am anticipating a lot of them in my future!)
How do you WASH them?

I can't count the number of sippy cups I have thrown away because they get a bit of junk or mildew trapped somewhere I can't clean it...

Any thought?

Daisy and Ryan said...

it says they're dishwasher safe.

i would worry about them falling through the cracks in the dishwasher - so maybe getting some basket would help? our basket for silverware, etc has holes that are too big - so i know they would fall through there.

i remember those sippy cup days and forgetting a cup (or someone losing it somewhere and me not finding it for a while...) and then finding the mildew in it.

guess those days are about to start again! hmmm...